Adams’ Angels

Through the past weeks of shifting schedules and looming surgery, I was not sure I would be able to attend this weekend’s Winter Guard performances in Concord and South Carolina for Camilla. When she found out that I would be able to attend what could be my last performance before chemo begins, she smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen. The band parents were encouraging me, almost daily, about coming to the event tonight. And, they made sure I would bring my blue and yellow pom-poms–just like I do to every Friday night football game, Saturday band competitions and Winter Guard performances.

But, what I did not know was the surprise they had for our family. As the girls finished their performance, Mr. Tulbert, our band director, took the microphone for an annoucement. He asked Rick, Joshua and I to meet him and the other band parents on the gym floor. I cried as I went, overcome with feelings of care and concern. As we walked, Mr. Tulbert told of my diagnosis. When we reached the group waiting for us, they removed their outer shirts to reveal this…

Front: Save the Pom Poms | Back: Adams’ Angels

My dear friends had been trying to think of a name for my support team and they kept thinking about angels. When Rick posted “Who Are All These People?” they immediately knew they had to name my support team “Adams’ Angels”.

There are no words to describe the love and support I feel from my band family. This is the most loving and encouraging thing that has ever happened to me. You guys have come along side my family and held us up with your words of encouragement. We have had fun times together and now we are fighting together. You truly are angels to us! I love each and every one of you!

If you are interested in purchasing an Adams’ Angels t-shirt ($15.00),
please contact my friend, Becky Cash on her Facebook page.
She will be glad to get the shirts to you as I begin my journey to healing.


  1. Linda Carter Denman says:

    Stephanie, I have following your blog. Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Our winterguard and band parent groups helped us with a health crisis when our Jamie was 16 and hospitalized for a month with pancreatitis. Jamie is 24 now and our guard group (the men call themselves the World Famous Mat Daddies) still are our best friends and get together monthly to play cards, go to movies, etc. The men still go camping together pretty often. It is so rare to make these kind of friends. I hope and pray that this kind of support will help ease your journey. Love you, cuz!

  2. gladell says:

    All of you have been are special to me,but to hear of this touches my heart.This let’s me know what great people we have in this world.Love mom!

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