Blessings Wrapped Up in Bad Hair

Ever had a bad hair day?  Of course you have.  Well, today is beyond ‘bad hair’ for me, it’s horrible!  I can not get it to do anything…at all.  I combed it, brushed it, wet it, dried it, straightened it, gel-waxed it, teased it and it still won’t do anything.  SO, I remembered that somewhere, once upon a time I had a headband that I used when washing my face.  I looked in the drawer, the cabinet, under bags, in bags, and all through the ‘hair junk’ I had gathered and put  away in the back of the cabinet when I shaved my head.  Finally, found it!  I slicked my hair back and put it on. And I paused, stunned, as I looked in the mirror.  I realized that I hadn’t needed that hair accessory in well over a year.  I just stood there and looked at myself..

Remembering all the intense anxiety of losing my hair…

Bald is Beautiful

Of all the frustrations of trying to get it to grow again…


Figuring out various styles as it grew longer…


Until today standing in front of the mirror being thankful for a bad hair day.  Not just thankful, but blessed beyond measure.  As a reminder of where I used to be and how far I have come, I placed my pink flower in my hair.  A tribute to God’s blessing and mercy to an undeserving soul.


Thank you, God, for bad hair days!

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  1. Heather says:

    My hair was long, and thick, and curly. Losing it to chemo. was the most devastating part of treatment. I remember the “growing it back” frustrations. It is now long, and thick, and curly again. And every time my brush or comb gets caught in a bad, rat’s nest tangle I say “Thank you, God. For long, thick, curly hair.”

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