Busy Days

It’s been a few days since chemo. I have kept myself busy during those days…probably too busy. I’ve done minor shopping, doctor appointments, winterguard competition at West Carolina and some resting in between. Yes, I probably have overdone it. But the thought of just becoming a sloth lying in the bed doesn’t appeal to me.

Thankfully, God answered my prayers and I have experienced no nausea or sickness. I have had some other unpleaseant side effects like night sweats and a brain that just won’t shut down at night. This hasn’t helped me get rest during the evening hours, but I’m able to rest during the day, so I guess it’s a trade off.

My sister was able to take care of me today. We had a good time just being sisters. She is a big help and, although I didn’t too much like her when she was a baby, I am so glad she is my sister and I had her with me today.

I’m finally able to begin to think about the weeks ahead and what kinds of surgery options are available to me. We are compliling a list of questions for the doctor for my next appointment. Although I have about 11 weeks left, I know I can not wait until then to make some decisions. Please pray for us that God will give us the wisdom and knowlege we need to make the “right” decisions for US.

I am continuing to pray for some specific requests. Some involve personal side effects of chemo, and I do not wish to share those. But, please remember me in prayer as God knows what these issues are. I continue to believe God will keep me from nausea and help with restful and refreshing sleep for my whole family. Thank you for your love and support. We appreciate you.

Keeping busy and believing!

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  1. Mom says:

    I know you are tired, remember I am keeping the REST diary. I love you and praying for you every minute. We are going to make it through this be healthy and make all the right decisions through God’s help. You are strong and there is nothing you can’t do. You will have God and me beside you with all of your issues and decisions. Just reach out God and I are there waiting on you to ask. Rest good tonight my baby girl. I love you. Mom

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