Cancer Free: Two Years

photoIn reflecting on the past two years, there are many things I could write about. However, when I re-read my blog it’s all there. I’ve already shared the ups and down, heartaches and victories, prayer requests and miracles. I’ve written from my heart and I’ve bared my soul. I have never been more openly honest than in those heart wrenching moments.

Whether you are going through a cancer diagnosis or any other hard life issue, I encourage you to spend time reading my story. You’ll find God there. He is in every detail. And He wants to be in the details of your story, too.

I close with this letter I wrote the enemy in February 2014, the 2nd anniversary of my diagnosis. I pray it encourages you not to give up, stand firm and fight. Just as I had many ‘Adams’ Angels’ stand with me in prayer, I would be honored to come alongside you and help you pray, too. Leave a comment or private message me and I will pray for you.

February 28, 2014

Dear enemy,

After several years of attacking my relationships, my finances, my emotions and my mind, you decided to step up your game and attack my body…with cancer.

I guess you thought you had worn me down and had finally found the one thing that would destroy me. But you were oh, so wrong.

You didn’t count on me being so strong. You didn’t know that instead of giving up I would… Continue reading 

“I shall not die, but live. And declare the works of The Lord” (Psalm 118:17)

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