Celebrity Cancer Awareness & Everyday Heroes

Angelina Jolie.  Robin Roberts.  Valerie Harper.  Sharon Osbourne.  Brooke Burke Charvet. Meredith Vieira. Kara DioGuardi. Within the past month I have seen numerous stories on television and in print about celebrities and their personal experiences with cancer.  Immediately, the media jumps on these stories like a shark detecting blood in the water. We become inundated with story after story of their struggle. We pat them on the back and say “thanks” for their inspiration, advocacy and awareness; knowing their fame will help bring instant funds and urgency to cancer research.  Sadly, with the exception of Robin Roberts, most celebrities don’t let us in to the daily struggle of a cancer diagnosis and treatments.  They don’t want us to see the ugly side of cancer.  They only decide to share with us when they can project a “picture perfect” image again. Yet, I still applaud them for their courage to share because they are still courageous and brave and they will bring much needed funding and awareness. But, we should also remember the men and women who don’t have those resources and fame.  They go through their testing and diagnosis without nannies to watch the kids and house staff and assistants to help run the home and businesses.  They go through treatment, surgeries and medication without the money to pay for the ever increasing bills. Prayerfully they enter survivorship, but it will come without the media telling their story to raise awareness.  Their journey will be private and the drug companies, government and researchers won’t be moved by the emotion of this average, everyday cancer survivor’s struggle.  They won’t work harder to advance screening techniques to detect cancer earlier or to find a cure quicker.  These men and women are the everyday heroes.  They struggle daily to be everything their family needs from them, supply food, laughter and a peaceful home.  Sadly, some will complete their battle with cancer before they see their grandchildren, celebrate special occasions or see the day when a cure is finally found. For these anonymous warriors I say “thank you”.  You are an inspiration in your world of influence.  You make a difference to those who know you and love you.  You are a hero to your family.  Because of you, the world is a wonderful place. Worthy

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