Complete and Total Healing

Friday afternoon the surgeon called with my pathology report. No microscopic cancer.  I sat speechless, as did the doctor.  I asked, “So, you are saying that not only are my margins clear, but there is no cancer”?  “Yes, that’s what it says”.  And he began to read the report to me.  I honestly don’t know what he read because I was in shock and the few words I did hear were  medical terms that I did not understand.  The surgeon continued stumbling on his words to try and “explain” the fact there was no cancer.  It was kind of humorous, but I let him off the hook and just said “Thank You for calling me, bye” and hung up.  I’ll see him on Tuesday and it should be interesting to see his face as he discusses it again.

What does this all mean?  Well, first, to have “clear margins” means the edges around the tissue removed showed no signs of cancer (microscopic or otherwise).  If someone has surgery and does not get clear margins, they have to repeat the surgery until all the cancer has been removed and the tissue samples show no cancer.  Therefore, I will not have to have another surgery.

Second, even though the MRI showed to evidence of cancer, the doctor, surgeon and radiologist still warned there were probably a few microscopic cancer cells left behind and that would show in the pathology report.  I immediately rejected these thoughts every time I heard someone repeat this opinion.  The tissue removed from my breast was sent to a lab to test for microscopic cancer.  These tests show there is no microscopic cancer.

So…what does this all mean? It means God doesn’t heal halfway, He heals completely!  No one in the field of medicine or science can find cancer cells, microscopic or otherwise, in my body!  Something that used to exist no longer does.  Only the Creator of life can cause that to happen.  I give all glory to God for His grace, mercy and healing.

I have been asked if I will still have radiation.  My immediate thought is yes.  The reason for radiating the local area is to kill any stray cancer cells that could have been left behind.  Believing that God has removed all the cancer and still doing radiation seems contradictory, I know.  I will see my oncologist at the end of the month and it will definitely be a topic of discussion. I know that God will lead us in the right direction.  I trust God will give the doctor knowledge to recommend what is best for me and I know He will confirm it in my spirit. He has been doing that since the very beginning and it hasn’t failed yet.

My recovery is going well.  I spent two nights in the recliner, but was able to sleep in the bed last night.  I still have no pain, just some discomfort if I move certain ways.  I avoid moving those ways and all seems to be fine.  I will have my incisions looked at on Tuesday when I see the surgeon.

Continue praying for me as I recover and face radiation.  Also, pray for my sister-in-law as she has surgery this week, too.  God is answering prayers and is faithful. Thank you so much for supporting our family and lifting us up in prayer.  You are literally a life-saver!

Rejoicing and Recovering!


  1. Christi says:

    Ask and you shall receive…. Praise God 🙂
    Stephanie- in all the cases I’ve been thru for my job (thousands over the last 16 years) I don’t know if I’ve seen a breast cancer case with a complete pathologic response like this. You have received a rare and precious blessing- God has big plans for you♥

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