Conquering Our Fears

Over the past couple of days we’ve been trying to get the house in order in preparation for Steph’s surgery and upcoming chemo treatments. We spent Sunday afternoon rearranging the bedroom to make it easier for Steph to get around and make her as comfortable as possible while she recovers.

During our cleaning spree, Steph found a photo that was taken on our Chicago trip last September. One of the main attractions in Chicago is, of course, Willis Tower (formally Sears Tower). Being the tourists we are, we had to go to the top and overlook the city. When we got to the top and were walking around we noticed several glass encasements that were protruding from the exterior of the building.

“C’mon, let’s get our picture taken”, Steph said. Now, I will admit, the thought of stepping 4 feet outside of the building into a cage made of 1.5 inch glass that hangs 1,353 feet above the street did not sit will with me. “I’ll go with you. You can do it”, she said. I was taken aback by her request because she is terrified of heights. But, it’s something she really wanted to do, and I believe she needed to do it to overcome her fear. So, I reluctantly agreed.

Looking straight ahead I stepped out on the ledge, turned around, put my arm around my wife and “click”.

You may not know it looking at the photo, but the guy on the right is terrified out of his mind. As soon as the photo was taken, I wasted no time getting off that glass.

This photo reminds me of a great trip Steph and I shared together. Great Italian food, a late night cruise around the city and some of the best Chicago-style pizza we’ve ever had. When Steph found the photo the other day, she reminded me of the fear I had, and how we were able to conquer that fear together.

How fitting. Now we find ourselves facing fear once again. This time, I’m the cheerleader reminding her she can face this fear and I will go with her every step of the way, even though, I too am terrified.¬†And just like the last time before, we will face it and overcome it together.

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