First Day of Chemo: Surrounded by God’s Love

Today was the first day of chemo, exactly one month from my diagnosis.  At times, it seems much longer than a month and, at other times, it seems like things weren’t moving fast enough. But, today finally arrived.  I won’t say that I was “happy” to start chemo.  I don’t think anyone ever looks forward to it.  However, there is a bit of comfort in knowing that you are finally getting down to treating this disease instead of just letting it sit in your body to do whatever it wants.

We were completely surrounded by God’s love today.  He showed up for us in many different way and in many different forms.

When we arrived, a special couple from our church visited with us in the waiting room.  This beautiful woman is also going through chemo and she gave me some great advice and encouragement.  And, she recognizes the toll it takes on my wonderful husband, because she has seen her dear husband deal with her disease.  She has given Rick some great advice, too.  It’s nice to have people that are walking the same path and believe in the same God and know that Jesus can and will heal.  God has already confused her doctor, too.  And, I LOVE IT!

Having my port accessed for the first time was not painful.  They used a cold spray to ‘freeze’ my skin and I felt pressure but no needle prick.  Because I had my lab work done prior to today, I did not have to wait very long before the fluid and first medication started into the IV. They said the drip would make me cold almost instantly, but I never got even the slightest chill and never had to have a blanket or cover at all.  Now, there may be many explanations for this, but I believe it is because the Lord heard the prayers of my dear sister.

My sister had a very special prayer shawl made for me a week or so ago.  Because she is the mother to two young children and one teen and lives 45 mins away, she was not able to get it to me before today.  This morning she called very upset that I would go to my first treatment without the prayer shawl.  And, she had written a card (Before she even knew that the chemo drip would make me cold) to go with it that explains why.  Here is the content of the card:

I reached over and felt the soft thread
Knowing it would drape your shoulders
One word

I touched all three bundles and thought one word
My sister needs warmth

There was going to come a day
When my sister would be cold
This would help

I prayed. I prayed. I prayed.
My tears were soaked in the thread.
I prayed for a lot.

Only one thing was tugging and pulling at my heart.
My sister would be cold.

God flowed through my finger in
An outpouring onto the thread.

She won’t be cold anymore.

I told her that God is in the little details and that maybe I wouldn’t even need a blanket today.  I said that maybe God knew I wouldn’t need it TODAY, have faith and don’t be upset.  So I KNOW this was God speaking to her.  I KNOW God answered the cry of her heart–for her sister not to be cold.  God is so good!

The day was very uneventful and the drips went according to plan.  After 4 hours, we were done and ready to come home.  After a long night of tossing and turning and then getting up early, we are tired.  But, we are strengthened by all your encouragement today.  The texts, posts and comments have been wonderful.  The flowers and visit with my dear friend in my new sunroom was great. God truly used each one of you to help us through today with peace.

Tonight I am praying for deep, restful, refreshing sleep for my whole family.  Tomorrow is a new adventure and I want to be rested to enjoy it.

Resting in Him and Believing!


  1. Sister says:

    You will never how much it means to me that you weren’t cold. I know it sounds small, but my main concerns and tears have been over what you would go through during chemo. I am one that has a hard time hearing God when he speaks, I too need a burning bush. Not today. I heard loud and clear and am in awe he heard my little prayer for my sister. I love you so much and can’t find the words to even express this enough. Sleep well. Love you

  2. gladell says:

    I am so glad to hear that God is in control of it all.Keep the faith and continue to cofuse the doctor!
    Will see you soon!mom adams

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