Genetic Test Results

My genetic test results came back NEGATIVE today! This means I DO NOT have the “breast cancer gene”. This means my daughter, sister and niece (son and nephew) can rest better tonight knowing they are not at risk! This means my mother will no longer carry the burden of wondering if she passed this gene to her child! Praise God, Praise God, Praise God! He is so good to answer our prayers!

Now we move forward with the treatment plan that we and my doctor feels is the right plan for me and my situation. On Thurday, March 15th, I will have surgery to biopsy lymph nodes and insert the port-a-cath for my chemotherapy. I do not have a definite time for surgery yet, but it is expected to be in the morning time.

I will return to see my doctor on Monday, March 19th for another consultation before my chemo begins. Then, I will have my first chemo treatment later in the week. The first eight weeks I will receive treatment every other week. Then, I will continue for 12 more weeks with a different medication on what is expected to be a weekly basis.

It is difficult to think about the weeks and months ahead. So, I’m just taking it one day at a time. I am continuing to pray and believe that God will touch my body and heal me. Maybe He will use chemo to do that, I don’t know. But, I give Him permission to hold me, guide me, heal me and use me for His glory. I want to be a testimony of His amazing grace and mercy. I am not special nor do I deserve to be healed. But, I AM saved by His Son and He endured the cross so that I CAN be healed. Daily I stretch out my hands and touch the hem of His garment and pray for healing. Daily I come to the end of my day exhausted and scared, but I KNOW that He is listening…and waiting. Waiting for me to come to the point in time where He has ordained my healing.

Until then, I’m fighting and believing!

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  1. Tish McNeill says:

    Amen! What an awesome Testimony you already have! I have been truly Blessed reading you blog entries, and I pray nothing but God’s healing and direction for you and your family!

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