God Used Adams’ Angel to Minister Today

Words can not express how overwhelmed with emotion I was to receive a special gift this afternoon from a sister in Christ that I have never met in person, yet I know her family and her continued prayers for our family.  I opened my mail to find an anointed prayer cloth. I say “Thank You” to her,  but that is so little compared to how I feel.  It brought tears to my eyes (not in the chili this time); I felt like God hears me, sees me, and wanted me to know that He does.

I have struggled with “feeling” God during this process.  Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW He is with me; I KNOW He is answering our prayers; I KNOW He is giving me strength to fight this battle.  But, there are times when I would just like to have a “burning bush” moment when God would physically manifest and tell me straight from His mouth what this process is going to be and how the journey will end.  And yet, I believe He is using Adams’ Angels to give me just a little bit of what I desire.  (And I find it funny He keeps using the United States Postal Service to accomplish it! LOL! Maybe He is trying to help them out too!) Every time the battle gets tough or intensifies, He is right there showing me He cares and He is listening…and He is using my friends and family to do it.

So “thank you” to all my “earthly angels” for all your words of encouragement, your cards, but most especially your prayers.  You are being used by God to minister to my family in our time of need.  Continue to seek Him and He will continue to use you to minister to people all around you; and you never know who needs a blessing today!  Stay encouraged that you are making a difference and God IS using you.

Many times people do good deeds and intend for it to be kept secret.  This special angel will remain anonymous unless she wishes to be known. But, I want her to know she was used today; allowing God to reach down and touch me emotionally and physically.  I will have my prayer cloth with me tomorrow and I will think of the love you have sent my way.

Stay connected to us on Facebook and Twitter.  We will be updating those accounts during treatment tomorrow.  And, if your Angel’s shirt is clean ; ) wear it tomorrow to show your support!  Love and prayers to each of you!

Hitting it head on and Believing!


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