Got Energy?

The past week has been a busy one.  I was able to attend the kids’ band banquet, celebrate my daughter’s birthday and attend church and lunch afterwards (kind of a Mother’s Day do-over).  Monday I cleaned, cooked and baked birthday cookies for my daughter.  Tuesday I had lunch with my mother-in-law and her niece and sisters and attended the band’s spring concert. Today I visited my former co-workers.  Whew!

It has been pleasant having the energy to do things I enjoy.  It was really nice to go back to work and see all the guys this morning.  I baked them cookies and I think they were more excited to see the cookies than me.  Oh, well…that’s how the cookie crumbles!  They really are functioning nicely without me, which is sad but I’m also glad they are doing good.

I will see my doctor on Friday and I hope to schedule my MRI in the next coming weeks.  I will have my last chemo next Thursday! I am so excited this will be the end of treatments.  But, I must admit I am not looking forward to this last one.  This past time was so hard; I don’t ever want to go through that again.  I am praying this last time will be much easier and I will be able to sit, stand and walk by myself.

Continue to pray for my healing.  I am on the last laps of treatment and I feel like I’ve been running this race for a long time. I need your prayers to help me dig my heels in and sprint to the finish lap. I am believing the MRI will show the cancer is gone and only a very small portion of tissue will need to be removed during surgery. I am praying for an easier time after treatment–no nausea, sickness, weakness, pain or sleeplessness.  I am also praying my blood tests will be normal and the chemo can proceed with no delay. I believe God has heard our prayers over the past months and will continue to answer.

Fighting and Believing!

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  1. Cindy Wise says:

    Stephanie, reading everything you’ve been doing made me tired but I’m so glad you were able to do something’s you wanted to do. Keepin on praying for you my friend!

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