Hummingbirds from Heaven




My dear friend, Jeannie, loves hummingbirds. While in hospice she was worried about who would tend to her feeders. Immediately, my heart grew a fondness for the little birds as I knew I would forever think of my friend whenever I saw them.

As the days grow longer and her life shorter, I asked God for a hummingbird to visit me when it was time for Jeannie to leave her home here on earth. I honestly didn’t expect to actually see one because I have not had even one of these beautiful birds on my property since I moved here 10 years ago. But God is loving and gracious and comforts us in incredible ways.

On Monday, August 5th at 7:33 a.m. a hummingbird flew to my front door, hovered for several minutes while looking inside and then flew away.

I fully expected to receive a phone call that my dear friend had passed away. Instead, I was given  the blessing of another visit with her.

I slowly crept into her room so not to disturb her rest. But she greeted me with wide eyes, a big smile and a hearty “Look who is here”.  We spent several hours laughing and resting. I even held her hand while she slept.

A few days later she took a turn for the worse and the doctors called the family to hospice. I was out of town and unable to visit. Soon after, visitation restrictions were put into place for family only. Jeannie is so strong that she refused to sleep if she had a guest. As she told me once, “I’m not going to sleep, you might talk about me”. She never lost her sense of humor through some of the worse days.

Jeannie is still with us. I visited her this morning. But she didn’t greet me with wide eyes, a smile or a hearty hello. She is very weak. She only spoke four words during my short visit, “I love you too”.

Some may say the hummingbird at my front door was a coincidence because it didn’t signal Jeannie’s transition to heaven. But I believe it was God allowing me one more good visit with my friend. I believe He gave me the opportunity to hear her laughter one more time.

I love you Jeannie. Thanks for being my friend.

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