Moving Forward: One Day at a Time

After meeting with the surgeon today, we know a bit more of the direction we will take. I will have genetic testing (due to my age) and an MRI to determine the type of surgery I will need. I will have to have chemotherapy; radiation will depend on the type of surgery we choose. While we seem to get one question answered, there are 10 more that pop up.
This is a day-by-day journey. It is one step at a time; one moment at a time. Some of those moments are filled with laughter; some with tears. My emotions are up and down minute by minute.
If anything, God is teaching me patience, openness and trust. I have to trust Him. There is nothing else I can do but trust in Him.
Continue to pray for us as we journey along together.
Fighting and believing!


  1. Mom says:

    Enjoyed our evening meal. Guess we still think alike with our thin veggie pizza. Thank you for sharing this time with your family. You are amazing with your courage and fighting nature. We will fight this to victory. Always on your side and beside you. You are a very stubborn (lol) independent woman, daughter, wife and mom.I love you.

  2. Molly Bonds Clayton says:

    I don’t know if you remember me from KMS or ALB, Stephanie. But, I remember both of you girls while I taught there. I’ve known your parents since junior high and think the world of them! I really am sorry about your situation but know you’re gonna make the journey with strength and endurance!! You are a beautiful, intelligent lady with support from soo many people, your prayers will be numerous and your support strong… I’ll have you in my thoughts and prayers daily and wish you nothing but love and success.

  3. Treva Motley says:

    Hey girl!
    I am praying for you! IN THE GAP! NOT LETTING GO! Loved reading about your faith in the March 1st post!

    He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.
    Psalms 103:3

  4. Cathy Lang says:

    I am a long time friend of your parents….even doubled dated with them in high school. It is hard to accept what God has in store for us but there is a reason why you are facing this. God is with you all the way and my prayers go with you, your family, Kaye and Pete. Stay strong and show Mr. Cancer who he is dealing with.
    Much love,
    Cathy Lang

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