Our Back Is To The Sea

The other day I was thinking about God leading Moses and the children of Israel to the mouth of the Red Sea when He delivered them from Egyptian slavery. The Bible says God gave Moses specific directions where to go. But there they stood with their backs to the sea and the enemy was pressing in.

What do you do when you have no where to turn? There’s an impassable sea in front of you and the enemy is advancing and there’s no way to escape. The people began to blame Moses for leading them to their doom. But Moses said, “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace” (Exodus 14:14). Most of you know the rest of the story how God parted the waters and made a way where there wasn’t one and then obliterated the Egyptian army. This week, I felt my back was to the sea and the enemy was surrounding our family on all sides. But I believe the Lord will fight for us and we can hold our peace.

Why? Because despite all the bad news I’m refusing to give up on my God.

I believe the same God who delivered Moses is as powerful now as He was then, and He can miraculously remove the tumor from Steph’s breast. Somewhere in CMC Northeast there is physical evidence from the biopsy that a tumor exists. We have ultrasound and mammogram images and a pathology report that the tumor is real. But I’m believing with my mustard seed sized faith, the MRI results tomorrow will clearly show the tumor is GONE and that she is completely free from all sickness and disease.

We know God is sovereign and He may elect not to deliver us this way, but that doesn’t mean we have to resign our hope and faith for a miracle.

Will you stand and believe with us?

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  1. PopPop says:

    Yes I will stand; as Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” This is the Lord we serve one who never changes. He heard the cries of His people in the wilderness and provided for them. He hears our cries today and will take them to heart and send what is needed. I beleve as you the God we serve will never let us down, He will provide.

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