Reality Creeps Back In

Some days are good; some days are bad.  I’ve had mostly good days since my diagnosis.  The first week or so was very tough emotionally.  Then, we settled in to appointments, tests, results and finally, treatment.  All this keeps you busy and your mind occupied.  Until last night…

Last night, the reality of it all began to creep back into my mind.  And today, the emotions caught up to it all.  It’s too much to take in all at one time.  So, I guess my mind and emotions gave me a break for a week or so.  But, they are back…with a vengeance.  I’m drained emotionally and exhausted physically.  Although I’ve been sleeping better at night, it doesn’t seem to help repair the tiredness the emotions are having on me.

This is a long journey and I need strength and endurance. Please keep me in your prayers.  God is Faithful.

Crying and Believing!


  1. Mom says:

    Yes we did our share of crying and believing today. You are emotionally drained today and you need to know that you have to take care of yourself first. It is hard to do that for you as you are the PERFECT Mom, Wife and Daughter taking care of others all the time. But tomorrow I declare it is Stephanie Day. You MUST let Stephanie have some of her minutes of the day for whatever you need for healing. I love you and if crying helps then cry but only tomorrow and believe God is holding one hand and I am holding the other. Thanking God each day for his healing and trusting that he is with us minute by minute. I love you my dearest daughter.

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