Some Good News

Finally!  We had some good news today.  My blood tests were CLEAR! Praise You JESUS!

We met with the oncologist today.  He revealed so many things that have not been explained to us.    First, the lymph node that showed on my ultrasound is in my breast tissue.  Its is not the same lymph nodes (axillary nodes) the doctors look at to see if the cancer is spreading.  Those lymph nodes (axillary nodes) are not thought to be involved.  And, the doctor did not feel anything in those nodes during the manual exam.  He cautioned that we don’t know what is happening microscopically, but he didn’t expect them to come back with cancer.   Praise you Jesus!

Secondly, he explained the time frame and scheduling for chemo and radiation after the surgery. Those treatments are going to be a very long road, but it feels like it is manageable because we now know what  to expect.  However, we are believing that God will intervene and it won’t be needed.

The biggest news was when he looked me in the eyes and said “this is treatable and possibly curable”.  Praise you Jesus! He said he is upfront and honest with patients if he believes their cancer is not curable because people will choose  what they are willing to go through based on their outcome.  He believes this can be cured.  Praise you Jesus!

This journey has been emotional and exhausting.  But, we are believing God is going to continue to do a miracle and the doctors will be so confused all they will be able to do is give Him glory!

Even when I don’t see Him, even when I don’t hear Him, He is HERE working on my cancer and healing my body.

I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers, emails, voicemails and FB posts.  They are so encouraging and keep me uplifted.  I try to respond to every call or written contact, but at times, I just can’t keep up.  If you have contacted me and you haven’t heard back from me, please know that I appreciate your words, prayers and valuable information.   I will eventually get back with you…just have patience. I love you all and appreciate your support!

Believing and being healed!


  1. Deb says:

    Thank you Jesus for your good news for Steph!
    I wish I were there to hold you Sis and let my shoulder catch your tears and bring some sort of brightness into your dark days.
    Know Im with you in spirit. Thank you so much for sharing all the details here so I can be there with you as much as possible. If I were there I would hold your hand through every pin prick and iv and loss. Since I cant and wont be able to physically do that please continue to share as you can or have Rick or the kiddios or someone keep us posted. You know my heart is forever intwined with yours and I grieve with you and hope with you and have joy with your good news.

  2. Sandy Crowell says:

    The beginning of answered prayers. Thank you Father for being ever present and for holding fast to my friend and my baby’s other mama!

  3. Sherry says:

    Stephanie…I just want to let you know I pray for you daily. God be with you and your family. Sometimes I believe things happen to draw people closer together. You have our love and support and there’s not a better group of people than our Cornerstone family to be your prayer warriors. God Bless…..Love ya!

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