The Bad News

To hear your parents sit you down and say, “We need to have a serious talk” makes me sick to my stomach. So many questions were running through my mind and I kept wondering what was going on. When my mom told me that they found a mass in her chest the only thing I could think of was my friend.

I have a good friend of mine whose mother was sick with cancer and had been battling it for quite some time. To see my friend struggle with this was heart breaking but to see her lose her mom was even worse. The thought of me losing my mother made me so scared.

This bad news felt like a bad dream. I wanted to wake up from it and things would be better. You always see these stories on TV, in magazines, books, and other people’s homes. But when it comes into your own house everything changes. But I can’t escape this nightmare. Every day that comes and goes feels like a thousand years. I can only imagine how my mom feels about it.

To see your mom struggle is the worst sight of all. Moms around the world are visualized as being the protector and a nurse. They protect their children from harm around them and they take care of their children when they are sick and for me to see her being the one that is sick and struggling is far more worse than the news itself.

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