The Healer’s Grave

Another typical morning drinking coffee and catching up on my Facebook newsfeed. Then, I see it. I stop. Every molecule in my body has a reaction as I feel my soul scan every detail of the picture. My spirit recognizes this place as familiar. It is my Healer’s tomb.

© Sonshine Images Thank you Dana Campbell for sharing your beautiful photo with me
© Sonshine Images
Thank you Dana Campbell for sharing your beautiful photo with me


This is THE spot where my healing took place so many, many years before my creation. God, in His love for me, lay in this tomb as He battled hell for my soul and my healing.  Yet how much more He did for my spirit.

Though He healed me here for a while longer, my days will come to an end. I will stand before Him face to face in complete and forever wholeness. I will fall to His feet and worship Him for the miracle He so mercifully gave.

I am speechless.

Overwhelming love and uncontrollable tears of gratitude begin to fall.

Heartbroken my sin and illness were placed upon His back in deep, red stripes. Blood flowing down to wash my sin and to heal my wounds. I am so unworthy of the torture He endured for my imperfect ways and diseased body. I can never measure up to the greatness of the gift that He has given.

May I never forget the feeling of His love, grace and mercy to an undeserving soul.

“Lord, you are so wonderful and kind. My busy ways will never bring You praise. And Your spirit will never feel at home in a vessel lacking in gratitude. Change me, oh lord. Change who I have become. Forgetful of the gift and the precious nature of the life given to me. Frustrated with the details of everyday life. When I want to give up. Remind me.”

A very special “thank you” to Dana Campbell of Sonshine Images for sharing her photography from Israel of “The Garden Tomb”.  Please visit her website to view her beautiful work.


  1. Dana Campbell says:

    Oh Stephanie! That was beautiful! I feel blessed that God used me in this so that you can use Him to write it! Much love to you my friend!!

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