The Healing Process of Survivorship-Part Six: Spiritual

 My journey with a cancer diagnosis was an intimate walk with God through the valley of the shadow of death where I encountered faith, hope and love.  Through deafening silence and blinding darkness I was left with nothing but God’s promises and His strength being perfected in my weakest moment.

The deepest valleys produce the darkest surroundings.  It takes away every sense and leaves only His presence.  Hoping to hear His voice and see the path, yet He chose to hold me in silence.  When nothing is left but His presence I must trust in the One who created the valley and allowed the darkness.

By it’s very nature, darkness surrounds with fear and desperation. And though I cried out to be removed from the desolate place, He chose to bring peace to the storm that raged in the valley.

All He requires is faith, believing in the promises of His Word. Without fail, I poured over scripture in a desperate hunt for every life-promising truth.  I wrote them in a special journal so I could find them easily on days when the storm raged loudly and I needed to grab it like a life preserver.  In fact, His promises became the very object to indeed save my life.

I would love to give some profound, newly discovered revelation to enduring the hard of life.  But, that simply is not the case.  There is nothing to be added to God’s unchanging words.  He instructs us throughout scripture to seek Him, pray and believe.




Being diagnosed with cancer isn’t the only circumstance of life in which faith is tested deeply.  There are so many situations we face that make us wonder if we will ever see our way through the darkness.  And that is why I have tried to share my story openly and honestly.  In doing so, I hope that others will find peace knowing their journey may look different, but it is the same God with the same promises journeying with you along the path.

Remind God of His promises, not because He forgot, but so you remember.
It is so simple.  It is about trust. It is simply faith.


The Healing Process of Survivorship has been a multi-part series.
Part One: Introduction
Part Two: Emotional
Part Three: Mental
Part Four: Physical
Part Five: Sexual 

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  1. Sheila Fredriksen says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am moved to tears and speechless, left thinking and reflecting in my own faith at how beautifully, honestly, and poetically you share faith in your journey.

    When I think of the tough journey’s we find ourselves on in this life I take comfort in Revelations 21:4: “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” I look forward to this day!

    I do not have cancer myself, rather my challenges are autoimmune, but nonetheless they are challenging and my faith sustains me. I have lost five family members to cancer in four years. The majority of my family is faithless, to say the least. In 2012 a (fifth) uncle was diagnosed with (bone) cancer and died 30-days from time of diagnosis. Everyone was crushed because it was so unexpected. All cancer in my family has been different and each environmentally induced.

    I believe it was only the year leading up to my uncles diagnosis that he and his new bride had finally taken that leap of faith and given their life to God. Without knowing what was in store for them they truly got to see His plan lived out over the year before his passing. How He prepared them for his leaving and also her for the grieving she would experience. Faith truly saved them both when nothing else could have. As a favorite uncle of mine it also lifted what could have been a heavy pain for his loss and instead replaced it with comfort knowing what is in store for him.

    My uncle was rejoicing in his last breath. He did not walk the last year of his life alone and in the deepest valley he was comforted with the promise of his Savior.

    Why is it that faith appears to be most important when tough journeys hit? Or that it only seems acceptable to talk about our Christian faith when there is a crisis – that we are left alone to our beliefs in these moments?

    Thank you for sharing, your words are so very appreciated.

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