“We Were Shocked…”

Good news continues for the Adams’ household today!  I received the results of my microscopic  test and my lymph nodes were  MICROSCOPICALLY CANCER FREE!  Praise Jesus!  The doctor actually said, “We were shocked by those test results”.  The doctors may have been shocked, but my God wasn’t taken off guard.  He knew before He formed me in my mother’s womb that I would walk this path (Jereemiah 1:5).  And, He knew He would heal me before I even knew this was happening.  While I love my oncologist and have trust in his medical knowledge,  I trust God so much more.

So, what does this mean for continuing treatment?  More good news!  While I WiLL still have to have chemotherapy, I won’t be put on as strong of a regimen.  I will be on a three week cycle instead of every other week.  And, I wlll take chemo for 12 weeks instead of 20 weeks. After the initial 12 weeks, I will have an MRI to evaluate how much the tumor has shrunk before surgery. Then, if the doctor feels I need more chemo I can choose to have another 2 cycles (which is 6 weeks). Surgery and radiation will follow.

I’m praying and believing that God is continuing to heal my from cancer.  I believe this tumor is not larger than the ultrasound showed and that if God doesn’t heal it miraculously, then He will use the chemo to completely rid my body of the tumor.  I believe I will have strength to endure chemo.  I believe I am healed and I’m just waiting to arrive at the  appointed time when the doctor’s say I’m cancer free.

Thank you to everyone for all your gifts, cards, encouragement and prayers.  He is listening and He is healing.  Thank you for sharing this journey with my family.  We appreciate you more than you know.

Shouting Praises and Believing!


  1. Angie Jordan says:

    Amen Amen Amen! Our God is SO GOOD! And you STEPHANIE ARE A BLESSING! Thank you for sharing your journey. I am so PROUD to call myself a ADAMS ANGEL!

  2. Anne Tubaugh says:

    God is so good!! Steph, your faith is amazing! He has big plans for you! Continued love and prayers for you and your family…

  3. Bob n Deb says:

    This is awesome…wonderful…amazing good news from our God. The drs are just getting the good news God already knows! Happy happy happy. Joy Joy Joy Deep down in my heart!!! Thank you Jesus for protecting, guiding and guarding my sister in your peace, comfort and truth! I love you guys… (((Ginormous Hugs)))

  4. Cathy Rickard Lang says:

    Fantastic news. Prayers do work and you have a prayer warriors behind you. Continue holding your head high and face this challenge head on with all of your strength.

  5. Treva Motley says:

    Such good news! I believe with you that more is on the way. Why stop there. Our God is bigger than cancer…bigger than anything. He has already conquered, death, hell and the grave. I LOVE YOU!

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