What Are You Born To Do?

As far back as I can remember I have always had a deep-seated desire to help people.  I never knew how or when it would happen or even what it would look like when it arrived. But I have always known the time would arrive.

“And who knows but that you have come to your position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

Would it be as a dancer on Broadway entertaining people and giving them joy for a brief moment of their day? Would it be as a lawyer fighting against injustice inside a court room? Would it  be as a mother loving and teaching her children how to grow into young adults?  Would it be as an employee of a non-profit organization helping military families in crisis? Would be as an administrator at a funeral home handling all the formalities of death for grieving families? Would it be at the bedside of a dying friend holding her hand and praying? Would it be as a breast cancer survivor telling her story through a blog?

With the exception of the first two youthful whimsies, the answer is yes.  You see, I have spent most of my life wondering when the time of helping someone would arrive. I now realize ‘such a time as this’ means in this present moment. Whatever it is the Lord has me doing now is the thing He was brought me to for this time.

Every step He has taken with me has been to help someone.  And, sometimes, that person is me.  There are paths I have walked which I do not understand why I had to endure, but they have become the very steps that propel me to the next season in which to help someone else.

Yes, my journey with breast cancer treatments may be over, but my faith walk and my message has not ended.  He is challenging me to new seasons.  I see them far in the distance but I know there are many steps to take to get there. Steps which will equip me for when I arrive at the next appointed time of ministry.


What were you born to do?  Where have you seen God using you in this way? If you are unsure, take a few minutes and think back over your life experiences.  I am confident you will see ways in which He has directed your path in the purpose for which you were made.  Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Me says:

    This is so beautiful to me because it speaks words from your heart to my heart. From our Father’s heart. For years I have wondered the same and learning along the way that this is THE time. Right now. Knowing that earlier would have saved me a lot of tears, but those were steps to get me where I am today. Connecting. Thank you for reminding my spirit to keep moving forward. To live in today and see all the good God is doing around me and through me. My soul gets weary and your words uplift me.

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