What Are You Waiting For?

This morning I went out to watch the sun rise on a new year. I took time getting out of bed, dressing in my warmest clothes, fixing a big mug of coffee and making sure I had my phone camera with me to take pictures. The night before I had looked to see what time sunrise would be so I would know exactly when to go out.
But when I got outside I was greeted with a wall of gray skies and clouds. I was ‘early’ for the show so I decided to wait it out. And so I waited…nothing. No light, no clouds parting, nothing. I checked my watch. Ten more minutes until the “official” sunrise time. So I waited some more. Nothing. Three minutes before “official” sunrise and there was no sign of a light show. I decided it wasn’t meant to be and turned to go inside.


As I turned, I noticed three little birds sitting on the wire facing away from the sunrise and looking at me. I decided I would take a picture of these little guys that got up early to watch the silly human standing in her driveway, all bundled up, coffee in one hand and phone camera in the other.


When I put my phone down I noticed a small sliver of light coming from the clouds. I checked the time and it was “official” sunrise time. I decided to wait. As I watched, the sunlight slowly crept across the clouds illuminating them with a soft glow. I had not noticed before, but now I could see the clouds shifting and moving. In my spirit I heard God whisper, “be patient; wait”.  I waited; shifting side to side from one leg to the other, fiddling with my pockets. And He whispered, “Be still. And wait”. Ok, Lord. You have my attention.


As I stood (still) and watched, I was reminded of the scripture in Psalms 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”.  I had been praying for several days about what direction God wanted for me for this next year. I looked for a guiding scripture that I could focus on as I go through the year. I was feeling frustrated that out of all the verses I searched I wasn’t connecting with any of them.
This morning I heard the whisper “Be patient. Wait on my timing. Don’t move until I say move. And while you are waiting, watch. Be still and wait.”


I had been willing to take so much time and energy into getting ready to see the sunrise, but I wasn’t willing to wait for the result. How often is our life like this? We put a lot of planning and preparation into the things we want out of life, but we aren’t willing to wait for God to bring about the perfect timing. We frantically try to make things happen for ourselves, then give up in frustration and decide that it wasn’t meant to be. And all the while God is calling us to be patient, be still and wait.
Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy new year of waiting on His blessings!


  1. Mom Adams says:

    You are so good at expressing your walk with The Lord.I love to see how you have grown! Love and God Bless you in all you do

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